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The Science of Logistics
As the world’s pioneer concession solution provider, we are deeply vested in your success in both the region and the larger global environment. We understand the uniqueness of travel retail particularly that of inflight duty free. Our expertise extends beyond the mechanics of logistics, and far into diverse business and cultural nuances that allow smooth and seamless operations throughout the supply chain.

Best-in-class Supply Chain Management

To support your sourcing and distribution activities in multiple countries, ISG offers best-in-class fully-integrated, end-to-end supply chain management system that can accommodate any unique business requirement and allowing us to provide fast, responsive, flexible and safe logistics and warehousing solution for our airline partners. Our secure and robust inventory and bond management solutions ensure transparency, security and integrity throughout the supply chain. Our logistics expertise is supplemented by our unique ability to tailor our cart-packing based on an evaluation of sales (and our leveraging of knowledge across sales regions) in order that sell-through is maximized and out-of-stock situations are guaranteed to be a thing of the past.


Total Product Security

In addition, ISG takes a careful approach towards effectively managing the broad range of freight types, placing special emphasis on highly-valuable products that pose a greater risk to the supply chain. We are committed to protect your products from theft, loss or damage at all times, especially in transit, thereby providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that your products arrive at the intended destination safe and secure.

With a proven record with duty free programs with multiple points of provisioning and an excellent track record of stock availability, the key sales driver in the industry, ISG is clearly your partner of choice for your duty free business.