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Strategic Marketing

The Science of Product Innovation
ISG believes the essence of a successful inflight sales program lies in a carefully-planned product offering which directly responds to passengers’ demographic characteristics and purchasing behavior in order to maximize sell-through potential. It is achieved through detailed market research and analysis, and by leveraging our strong long-standing industry and supplier networks. ISG has a proven track record in frequently featuring non-traditional, non-Travel Retail brands thereby not only meeting passengers’ needs and desires but also exceeding expectations borne of traditional, uninteresting in-flight duty free retail programs.
In addition, we specialize in developing targeted promotions and communication collateral that are attractive to passengers and specifically designed to convert potential opportunities and drive impulse purchasing behaviour.



Chanel Vintage - hand-picked collection with Carole Tanenbaum’s certification of authenticity


La Truffle Du Ventoux – fresh Black Diamond French Truffles directly shipped from the farm to your home


Handmade Panama hats directly from Ecuador for pop-up shops

The Art of Effective Communication
Products do not speak for themselves without effective communication. ISG's strategy is to have tailored marketing messages throughout every touch point of the passengers' journey to maximize exposure, reinforce awareness, and increase the rate of converting potential opportunities into sales.
ISG is experienced in creating unique, refreshing and eye-catching magazines showcasing the latest products and offers, helping passengers unlock their inner desire to shop. Below are some of our latest magazine covers and layouts.
Our latest magazine covers and layouts showcase: